Grade One


Unit Understanding
Plants like animals have certain requirements in order to grow and stay healthy.

Essential Questions

What affects plants growth?

How do we know when something is growing?

Why should we care for plants?

We used lots of resources including our Community Garden and our Service Partners to help us answer these questions…
Planting at the community garden
Visiting the school compost heap
Comparing people and plants

We found lots of trash when we dug up the soil to build the community garden last year.  Watch this video to find out…

This year we had similar problems….

Grade One needed to do some research! On December 10th students went in search of  people who re-use trash as they explore their responsibility towards plants and nature.

This was a great first meeting with our friends from PCF, Trashebolsas Papaya Academy who re-use trash to make beautiful products!

ring pulls for PCF

plastic bags for INVISBLE

glossy magazines for Papaya Academy and PCF


Unit Understanding

Building and maintaining relationships takes thought, effort and sensitivity.

Essential Questions

• What is a friend?
• How can I be a friend?
• How do I connect and relate to others?
• What makes a friendship last?

All the children in Gr. 1 planned ‘Friendship Day’, a day where we invited students from Papaya Academy to visit ISM. Papaya Academy is a local school which has a close partnership with ISM. Watch this video to find out WHY it is important for us to be friends with Papaya Academy.

In preparation for this day, our Gr. 1 students work with students from other classes, planning a part of ‘Friendship Day’. Approximately twice a week, the children went to different classrooms in Gr. 1 to work with their group.

And this photostory shows ISM and Papaya students in action!


Unit Understanding

Imagination is a powerful tool for thinking and expressing ourselves.

Essential Questions

What are the different ways people express themselves?

How does imagination help us to consider other perspectives?

How does imagination help us to solve problems?