Grade Two


A. Unit Understanding

Ecosystems can help us to understand that organisms and their environments are interconnected and that changes in one part of the system will affect other parts of the system.

B. Essential Questions

How are living things connected?
Why do living things look different?
How do we know our environment is healthy?

C. Learning Experiences

Have a look at grade two students exploring this concept at the community garden and around our school.



A. Unit Understanding
The Earth is a part of a vast and complex universe.

B. Essential Questions
What can you discover beyond Earth?

How does day and night happen?

What would happen if there was no Sun?

Where does the moon go?

C. Learning Experiences

Here are some students wondering about space and doing some research to find answers!

This research got some students thinking about life on other planets and they decided to conduct some experiments!

They then contacted the Community Gardeners and asked if they could place their biospheres in sunny and shady areas of the garden to simulate varying temperatures on other planets as they wanted to observe what would happen.  Click  A Message from the Creative Cobras of Room 1004   to see the message.

IMG_0014 (Small)  IMG_0011 (Small) IMG_0012 (Small) IMG_0013 (Small)